Sint Maarten

The Sint Maarten Bar is the professional association for lawyers on Sint Maarten.

Through this website, the Bar wishes to inform the public, colleagues and its members about the Bar, (administration of) justice on Sint Maarten and about the objectives and activities of the Bar.

Sint Maarten is an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Joint Court of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba holds hearings on Sint Maarten. Approximately 275 lawyers are registered on the list at the Joint Court of Justice. Most of them work on Curacao. Approximately 60 lawyers work on Sint Maarten. This number is growing. The Bar is growing along with the developments on the island, which, with its international flair, is especially very American-oriented.

courthouse2The Court in First Instance is located in “the Courthouse” at the Front street in Philipsburg. The Courthouse was built in 1793, upon the order of Governor Rink. In the past, it served as town hall, post office and police station. It is probably the most photographed building on Sint Maarten. Pleading cases in this historical Courthouse, in the centre of bustling Philipsburg, is one of the aspects which make the Bar on Sint Maarten so special.

Objectives of the Bar

  • The lawyer is independent
  • The lawyer knows his business
  • The lawyer is customer oriented
  • The lawyer has a well-organised practice
  • There is efficient supervision of the compliance with the rules of order Legal assistance by lawyers is attainable for all
  • The Bar contributes to proper legislation
  • The Bar contributes to a proper and fair administration of justice
  • The Bar explains clearly to society what lawyers do and why
  • The Bar explains to its members and society what it does and why